Ifrad Hajj at a glance

Actions before hajj in Ifrad Hajj

1 64x64
  • Cleansing Rituals
2 64x64
  • Ihram Attire
3 64x64
  • Salah before making intention (OPTIONAL)
4 64x64
  • Miqat & making intention
5 64x64
  • Recite Talbiyah
6 64x64
  • Arrive in Makkah
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  • Perform Welcome Tawaf
8 64x64
  • Two rakat salah after tawaf
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  • Drink Zamzam Water
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  • Leaving the Holy Mosque

In Ifrad Hajj, the performance of sa’i after ‘Welcome Tawaf’ is optional. However, if anyone does Sa'i at this stage, they do not need to do sa’i after hajj tawaf (Tawaf –al-Ifada). It is better to do sa’i after Tawaf –al-Ifada.

11 64x64
  • Perform Sa’i (OPTIONAL)
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  • No hair cutting or shaving

Actions during hajj in Ifrad Hajj

Main actions of Hajj take place between 8th – 13th Dhul-hijja

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8th Dhul-Hijja (Makkah to Mina)
  • You are already in the state of ihram
  • Recite talbiya
  • Stay in Mina
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9th Dhul-Hijja (morning) (Mina to Arafat
  • Standing in Arafat
15 64x64
9th Dhul-Hijja(after sunset) (Arafat to Muzdalifah)
  • Night at Muzdalifah
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10th Dhul-Hijja (Muzdalifah to Mina)
  • Seven pebbles at the largest jamrah
  • T Shave or cut/clip their hair (partial Ihram restrictions lifted )
  • .
17 64x64
10th Dhul-Hijja (Mina - Makkah - Mina)
  • Tawaaf-al-Ifadah (Full Ihram restrictions lifted
  • Sa'i (if not done before)
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11th Dhul-Hijja (Mina)
  • Throw 7 pebbles on each of the 3 pillars (totall 21 pebbles)
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12th Dhul-Hijja (Mina)
  • 7 pebbles on each of the 3 pillars (totall 21 pebbles)
  • If the sun sets before you are able to depart, remain in Mina for the third night and throw 21 pebbles again the next day.
20* 64x64
13th Dhul-Hijja (Mina to Makkah)
  • Throw 7 pebbles on each of the 3 pillars (totall 21 pebbles)
21 64x64
Tawaaf-al-Wida (Makkah)
  • Hajj complete

*Ignore step 20 if you are able to depart Mina before the sun sets on 12th Dhul-hijja.