Qiran Hajj at a glance

'Umrah and Hajj together with a single ihram

Actions for ‘Umrah in Qiran Hajj

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  • Cleansing rituals
2 64x64
  • Wear Ihram attire
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  • Perform Salah after wearing ihram (Optional)
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  • Make intention for 'umrah & hajj before entering the miqat boundary
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  • Recite talbiya
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  • Arrive in hotel in Makkah.
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  • Perform welcome Tawaf
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  • 2 rakat salah after tawaf
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  • Drink Zamzam Water
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  • Read du'a before leaving the Holy Mosque for sa'i
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  • Perform sa'i
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  • Do not cut or shave your hair.
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  • 'Umrah is complete but remain in Ihram. All ihram restricions still imposed.

Actions for hajj in Qiran Hajj

Main actions of Hajj take place between 8th – 13th Dhul-hijja

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8th Dhul-Hijja (Makkah to Mina)
  • You are already in the state of ihram
  • Recite talbiya
  • Stay in Mina
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9th Dhul-Hijja (morning) (Mina to Arafat)
  • Standing in Arafat
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9th Dhul-Hijja(after sunset) (Arafat to Muzdalifah)
  • Night at Muzdalifah
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10th Dhul-Hijja (Muzdalifah to Mina)
  • Throw 7 pebbles at the largest jamrah, Sacrifice animal
  • Shave or cut/clip their hair (partial Ihram restrictions lifted)
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10th Dhul-Hijja (Mina - Makkah - Mina)
  • Perform Tawaaf-al-Ifadah (Full Ihram restrictions lifted)
  • Perform Sa'i
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11th Dhul-Hijja
  • Throw 7 pebbles on each of the 3 pillars (totall 21 pebbles)
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12th Dhul-Hijja (Mina)
  • 7 pebbles on each of the 3 pillars (totall 21 pebbles)
  • If the sun sets before you are able to depart, remain in Mina for the third night and throw 21 pebbles again the next day.
21* 64x64
13th Dhul-Hijja (Mina to Makkah)
  • Throw 7 pebbles on each of the 3 pillars (totall 21 pebbles)
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Tawaaf-al-Widaa (Makkah)
  • Hajj Complete

*Ignore step 21 if you are able to depart Mina before the sun sets on 12th Dhul-hijja.