‘Umrah Hajj at a glance

Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “From one ‘‘Umrah to the next is an atonement for any sins committed in between, and the reward for an accepted Hajj is nothing but Paradise.” (Bukhari 27:1)

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  • Cleansing Rituals.
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  • Wear Ihram Attire.
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  • Perform Salah before making intention for 'umrah.
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  • Make intention for 'umrah before entering the miqat boundary.
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  • Recite talbiya.
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  • Arrive in Makkah.
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  • Perform 'umrah Tawaf.
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  • 2 rakat salah at Muqaam Ibraheem.
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  • Drink Zamzam Water.
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  • Leave the holy Mosque for sa'i.
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  • Perform sa'i.
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  • Cut/shave/clip hair here and release yourself from Ihram restrictions.
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  • 'Umrah completed.

For full details about ‘Umrah rites, please read the section entitled ‘Step by Step guide to ‘Umrah Hajj.’